Pear - Flemish Beauty OHxF87 Semi-Dwarf


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Discovered in a wooded area of Flemish Belgium back around 1800. In about 1920, Ulysses Hedrick of Geneva, NY, published his 'Cyclopedia of Hardy Fruits', highly recommending this pear and describing it thus "A bright-cheeked Flemish Beauty is as handsome as any pear and is almost unapproachable in quality; the flavour is nicely balanced between sweetness and sourness, very rich, and has a pleasing muskiness". After sampling some enormous, juicy Flemish Beautys that a local orchardist insisted we try, we are on Ulysses Hedrick's team. Some serious winter hardiness in this selection. NEEDS A POLLENIZER | ZONE 3 | HARVEST: LATE SEPT.

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