Organic Turkey Trot 20 kg bag*


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In university tests, this has been rated as one of the best organic fertilizers you can use. It consists of composted, deodorized, granular turkey manure. A complete package containing both quick and slow release nitrogen, all primary, secondary and tertiary plant nutrients. Compared to commonly available inorganic fertilizers which only benefit the plants themselves, Turkey Trot will build up your soil, making it better each year, providing vital micro-nutrients to everything you grow. Use everywhere –orchards and berry patches, vegetables and flower beds. For fruit trees – each spring broadcast 2 cups (500g) per 25mm (or 1lb per 1") tree diameter. *PLEASE NOTE: A 20 KG BAG WILL HAVE A $20.00 FREIGHT SURCHARGE TURKEY TROT FOR LUSH HEALTHY LAWNS Broadcast 2.5kg per 100 sq meters in spring 1kg per 100 sq meters in July 1 kg per 100 sq meters in September Try doing a strip of your lawn this summer to see the results for yourself. Local gardeners who have used Turkey Trot for the past two years on their flowers and vegetables are totally sold on it.

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