Mulberry - Trader 12 - 18"


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It's finally here! This exciting selection is named for the Trader family who planted the original tree about 1892 at their new homestead near Oriska, North Dakota. Family tradition indicates the mulberry was brought from Germany when William Trader immigrated to the U.S. Today, nearly 130 years later, this same tree is still producing sweet, delicious berries! Fruit size, flavour and ripening pattern are all very similar to Illinious Everbearing, but Trader is substantially more winter hardy. It can be grown either as a single trunk tree or multiple trunk shrub with size regulated by pruning. Availability is limited for 2021, but with tissue culture production finally ramped up, we will hopefully have a good supply for 2022. SELF FERTILE | ZONE 3/4 | HARVEST: EARLY JULY-EARLY SEPT.

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