Apple - Celestia G935 Small Semi-Dwarf


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On rare occasions, one of the grand old American apples mentioned in early literature is re-discovered. This is one of them. In John Warder's classic work 'American Pomology - Apples 1887,' Celestia is described as having 'a profusely aromatic and spicy flavor'. Out of 1500 varieties Warder gave several a 'best' rating, but only Celestia was ranked as 'very best!'! However, like various other valuable varieties, it faded away into oblivion during the early 1900s. Eventually, around 1990, it was discovered and verified in an old New Jersey orchard. Now to the delight of many fruit explorers, this luscious, pale green/yellow apple is available again. Firm, but very juicy, it is still exceptional for fresh eating today. NEEDS A POLLENIZER | ZONE 4/5 | HARVEST: MID OCT.

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